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I just simply love anything that has to do with passion, love and sex. I made this blog because sex is really a fascinating thing that happens between human beings and it is just wonderful to watch and to participate in

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Anonymous asked: how can i make myself tighter? do keagles actually work? i feel like i've gotten looser the more people i've been with and it's grossing me out


Another one bites the dust. Having many partners absolutely does not make you “loose,” and I’m sorry you’ve believed the noise that’s told you so. The vagina is insanely elastic. And think of it this way: say a girl is in a long term, monogamous relationship with a guy who she fucks everyday, 7 days a week. And just for funsies let’s say this guy has a huge dick- like 10 inches. Does society call this girl loose!? Nope. But a girl who fucks a bunch of guys randomly but prob doesn’t even have sex as most monogamous people, suddenly has this huge floppy vagina?! That doesn’t make sense. Calling a girl “loose” is just another thing like “slut” that is used to try to regulate women who like having sex. They’re trying to scare you and shame you.
Do your kegels, because they make your vaginal muscles stronger which can make sex feel better for both of you but please not because you think you’re “loose.”


Anonymous asked: This is the same person who asked you about the porn situation with my boyfriend. I feel as if, if I spoke to him about how I felt towards this situation he would think that I would want him to do something about it. He knows I'm really insecure about my stomach and when I lose weight he over exaggerates about how I'm "anorexic". I found out through accidentally checking his history on his phone.. But thank you so much for replying, it did make me feel so much better!! :) xo

I’m really glad that made you feel better!! But since your boyfriend knows you’re insecure about your body, he really shouldn’t hesitate with doing something about it. If he is the only one watching porn between you guys, and if he really loves you then he can stop watching it.  Besides, he has YOU, he doesnt need porn :)